About  Ce

About Ce

NamaCe was founded and created by me, Cecile van Lanschot, but I rather go by how my friends call me: Ce. 

The beginning of NamaCe begins rather humble in 2018 by seeing a poster for a barre teacher training on the wall of a yogaschool. At that time I was fresh out of University with a degree in History of Art, but still not looking for a full-time job seeing as my daughter was still too little to go to school. I remember looking at that poster and seeing the promise of opportunity. 

After finishing my training I started teaching classes all over Amsterdam in different studios. I developed my own unique style of barre by being  creative and original with my moves and music. Long story short: I adored teaching and people were loving the classes. 

In the year of 2019 I found a job working in sales in a corporate environment to provide stability for me and my daughter. I  was working 40 hours a week while also teaching in the weekends and evenings. It was a time in which I discovered my capabilities and drive. I was proud of my achievements and energy,  however I also realised it wasn't very sustainable. So end of 2019, I bit the bullet and quit my job to focus on being a teacher and also begin my 200h Vinyasa teacher training. 

Now as you can maybe make out from this short bio: I can't sit still. This is also true for other aspects of my life. During University and afterwards I worked in different start-ups and have always had a big interest in entrepreneurship. And thus I think that marrying my love for health and movement with my passion  for entrepreneurship has resulted in the making of NamaCe



With NamaCe I want to think of outside of the box (yogastudio) and design new concepts of health and movement for the modern life that we live like crafting a new style of exercise (FIRE FLOW),  thinking of new ways to book retreats (www.voyagy.nl) or bringing online mindfulness and movement to the corporate space with NamaCo

In my eyes, you can turn the promise of a poster into a great opportunity: all you need is a bit of creativity, a dash of positivity and a whole lot of energy.